Day 21 – Weigh In and Personal Story

Three weeks down! This is getting exciting!


Though in all honesty, I’m personally not going to count this week as “productive weight loss” since I was ill for all of it. I did not exercise once and did not keep to a regular eating schedule whatsoever. However, when I did eat, I still stuck to the healthy options (save the one day I ordered pizza for Ben because he was being so sweet and helpful while I was being a troll). I drank a lot of water/juice/tea and got a lot of rest. I also consumed many hours of Grey’s Anatomy for the millionth time. I love that show, as you have probably picked up from my gif choices in previous posts.


ANYWAY. Back to the point.

I weighed in this morning and the scale said: 163.6 lbs. Very nearly two more pounds gone.

Again, before we celebrate being 5 total pounds down, I need to stress that I do not count this as productive weight loss. This could very well be water weight that disappeared despite trying to stay hydrated. And if this is actual loss, it’s the kind my body used to survive.

And honestly, losing weight because your body is trying to stay functional is not a good feeling at all. To get a little more personal about this adventure, I used to have some pretty unhealthy habits and attitudes about my body when I was ending high school and again through college. I restricted my food intake, kept to an incredibly harsh diet, and eventually included exercise binging into the mix.

There was one point where I burned off absolutely every calorie I ate. If I ate 600 calories one day, I was relieved to know I would only spend about 45 minutes at the gym. But if I wanted go out? Or, god forbid, if I actually ate a sensible amount of food during the day? I would spend hours at the gym to make sure my intake for the day was zero. Despite hearing about how good I looked, I was absolutely miserable. I used caffeine as a crutch to keep me active and somewhat social, but I felt exhausted and just plain sick a lot of the time.

Of course, I later learned that my method of “health” was not how nutrition works AT ALL and that I was creating a dangerous deficit for myself. But knowledge is power, and I don’t intend to follow that road again.

So! While I am pleased to see something representing progress, I am wary of the implication and will see where I’m at next week after the return of normal diet and exercise.


Have a kick ass start to the week, kids! You all are perfect butterflies of badassery. Bye!


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