Day 16-20: The Flu

This campaign of mine has encountered some bad luck in the first weeks, wouldn’t you agree?

I contracted the flu. At least I got it from a friend that I really like or else I would be cursing the person who gave it to me.


I woke up on Day 16 noticing that I wasn’t feeling quite right. I felt kind of foggy, a little stiff, and just kind of…heavy? Anyway, I went about my day and went over to a friend’s house in the evening for some party planning for her partner’s 40th birthday. Just as the evening was ending, I noticed that I was feeling significantly worse. I drank a ton of water and took some vitamin C tablets before bed. Alas, the damage was done.


Day 17 brought chills, achey joints, congestion, and a sore throat. I went to work and immediately got back into bed once the day was over. Maybe I could sleep it off…

Nope. Along with the previously mentioned symptoms, Day 18 brought a temperature and nausea that eventually resulted in vomiting (thank goodness only twice). I worked from home and did not leave my couch all day. My head felt foggy and swimmy and I could tell that I was pretty spacey. Needless to say I was less than pleasant company.


The last couple of days have been progressively better. Today, on Day 20, I have a pretty stuffy nose and a cough, but that’s it. I predict a few more days of this nonsense and then I’ll be back to normal.

I promised myself that I would keep updating even during times that seemed unproductive. I ate the best I could when I felt like I wanted food. Otherwise, I have been inactive and generally uninterested in eating. Only yesterday did I experience an appetite of any kind.

I can tell I’ve lost weight, but the wrong kind of weight. I’ll weigh in and report, but I don’t feel like I’ve earned the satisfaction of seeing a lower number.

Thanks for all the support. Hopefully there are no more shenanigans for a while. Look for my update tomorrow!



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