Day 15 – Weigh In

Two weeks down! Time is flying and there is excellent progress.

Despite having an emotional week with only three workouts, I am still seeing progress! Official weight as of this morning: 165.4 lbs. Another pound gone!


I’m already starting to see some physical changes. My face is starting to look less squishy and my core is starting to show signs of use. I’m getting excited to see where I will be at the 4 week mark, at this rate.

Today’s food intake was excellent. Oranges, toast, and coffee for breakfast, lettuce wrap at lunch with kettle chips, chicken salad sandwich with strawberries and veggies for dinner. And the best news is that I have TONS OF ENERGY.


Tomorrow promises another packed day with a gym trip after work. I’m feeling super good. I hope you all have things that you’re feeling super good about, too. I believe in you. Kick some ass tomorrow.



One thought on “Day 15 – Weigh In

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  1. Hi there, just came across your blog and wanted to wish you good luck with your fitness journey. Excellent progress is always great to see. Yay for all the extra energy!

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