Days 10 through 14 – Loss and Update

The woman pictured above is the friend that I mourn. Never in my life have I known someone who was so unapologetic about who she was, both with her light and her darkness. She was the epitome of a fiery spirit and a force to be reckoned with.  Every inch of her radiated incredible energy and passion. I could go on and on about the influence she had on me as well as the people around her and simultaneously find myself falling short with any words at all…

One key thing about her was that she loved her body. She loved it in every stage it moved through in the time I knew her. From angular and thin to soft and curvy to muscular and strong, this woman marveled at all of her body’s potential and how she could always find comfort within it. She got me (as well as a lot of my friends) started in yoga, teaching us poses and sequences so joyfully that you couldn’t help but get addicted. She celebrated every inch of progress and every bit of commitment.

I want to carry that forward. I want to explore an even deeper love for my vessel, just like she did. Rest peacefully, my friend.


After a long and emotional weekend, I am happy to say I’m back. Thank you to everyone who offered support over the loss of my friend. It is such a tragedy for the people whose lives she touched, but we are committed to carrying the light that she offered to this world.


Though these last several days were stressful and sad, I still managed to make good choices. I made it to the gym on Day 10 and Day 13 to put in a full hour workout. I was careful about what I ate, making a specific effort not to eat emotionally (kummerspeck). I allowed myself a night out with a couple of my lady friends on Saturday night (Day 13), but thus far, that has been my only true “cheat day” (where I didn’t give a flying flip about how my evening activities might affect this new plan for myself).

Anyway, that’s the summary for my absence. Coming back with Day 15 tonight. Thank you again for the love and support.




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