Day 6

And here we are at the close of Day 6. I have no plans for horsing around town tonight. Or my own home for that matter.

Today was blissfully uneventful. I had the house to myself for the majority of the day, and I actually enjoyed it. I played a game, read a bit, browsed the job market, caught up on the news, watched Grey’s Anatomy…it was nice to let my little introvert take over for a while.


I woke up, lazily made myself a cheesy bagel for breakfast (butter, cheddar cheese, pepper, hot sauce -> toast until cheese is melted = delicious lazy breakfast). I made it to the gym, only putting in about 40 minutes today. It might be the weather that made me feel less motivated today; I just couldn’t get to a full hour. I suppose it’s acceptable to have one less intense day of exercise during the week.

I stopped by the Subway that’s right next to the gym after my workout and had a turkey sub with ALL the veggies.

Came back, showered, stopped by Ben’s restaurant and hung out with him for a while after he was done with work. We decided that a quiet night in is exactly what both of us want tonight.


(By the way, he is definitely the Cristina to my Meredith.)

So there you have it. A very uneventful Saturday. I’m going to cuddle and play my game and go to bed early. Goodnight, my pretties!



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