Day 5

A little late in posting this one, but I tracked nonetheless!

Yesterday was jam packed. Fun news: I am now a part time chocolatier! I have been looking for a way to make a little extra money this summer and a local chocolate shop decided to hire me on! Granted, this will add another element to foods I need to be cautious about, but hey, I’ll be making all kinds of chocolatey goodness.


Anyway, on to the food and fitness stuff!

After my interview with the chocolaterie, I had the most intense craving for caesar salad from a particular restaurant here in town. Something about how they make their dressing is so tasty compared to other places. I ordered the entree portion and promptly stuff my face. It was amazing.

I absolutely crushed it at the gym. 60 minutes of cardio PLUS chest and back lifting. I felt so beastly and sassy afterwards.


Dinner was more leftovers in the form of many veggies and fried eggs and some delicious cranberry bread that my friend brought over.

Actually, said friend is having a pretty rough time right now. I don’t want to get into the details given its personal nature, but believe me when I say that she is in the middle of some sad stuff. We ended up sharing a couple of bottles of really tasty red wine together. Don’t worry, we didn’t consume all of it. Ben definitely helped out when he got home from work. We also watched a lot of Truth or Drink. Highly recommended for cheering people up.

Overall, a good day. Stay tuned for Day 6 post coming shortly!


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