Day 4 – Energy and Adjustment

I am quickly feeling the effects of hour long workouts. I finished up this evening at about 5:15pm and have felt completely exhausted ever since.

The good news is that the workout happened with ease. I had another great cardio session and got to my arms and legs for strength training as well. I put in another full hour, which feels really good. Except I feel like I’m falling asleep as I’m writing this and it’s barely 8:00pm…


I know that caffeine is not the answer. Eating more protein rich food is definitely the way to go.

This part of re-entry is something I’ve always struggled with whenever I’ve reset my habits like this. I get super excited about the fact that I’m working out and that I made it through another day by eating well, but this fall in energy tells me that I’m not supplementing the way I should.

But for today, I made eggs and put them on a bagel with cheese and hot sauce for breakfast and a chicken wrap for lunch. Right now for dinner, Ben is cooking up pasta with clams, spinach, and morels (that I found for a steal at our local farm stop!) and I am so excited.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go drool all over said pasta. Goodnight, team!




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