Day 3 – The First Test

Okay, team. This day was my first test against indulgence. It was WHISKEY WEDNESDAY.


Ohhhh yes. There is a fancy bar exactly a mile from my house that has HALF OFF WHISKEY ON WEDNESDAYS. My friends invited my boyfriend (Ben. His name is Ben. You might as well know his name if you’re going to be following this blog…) and me out for Whiskey Wednesday.

I’ll get to that in a minute. My day was actually quite fabulous. I had a green smoothie for breakfast (Greek yogurt, matcha, vanilla, spinach, kiwi, apple) and it kept me full all the way to lunch. Honestly, I am not a fan of Greek yogurt. The smell puts me off and the consistency always feels way too thick. But I actually understood why it is such a good staple for morning smoothies. Lots of protein and the thickness really adds substance to drinking your breakfast. I was a fan.

Lunch came around at its normal time for me, which is around 1pm. I had an Italian lettuce wrap and some kettle chips. I also snacked on almonds like a total health nut (ha, puns).

NOW. This is where indulgence decided to slink out of its cave with its very best “come hither” look in its eyes.


Ben texted me right as I was leaving work to tell me that he was at my FAVORITE bar and that it was Happy Hour. The weather was beautiful, I was leaving work on time, and I do love the drinks there…

“What the hell!” I thought and met him there.

It was during my happy hour drink with Ben that I got the invitation from friends to go to Whiskey Wednesday. Of course I wanted to socialize, but I needed to make sure I got a workout in beforehand. Because let’s face it: no one is going to the gym after whiskey tasting. And so, even though it was lovely hanging out with Ben, I left for the gym. Be proud, y’all. I was very tempted to stay and have another tasty sangria.


I put in a hardcore 45 minute cardio session on the arc trainer. I pumped up the elevation and the resistance and powered through while watching Friends on one of the televisions (thanks, Planet Fitness!).

Got home, showered, and stuffed my face with salami and cheese on a bagel along with the rest of the smoothie from this morning. Ben and I decided to walk to the fancy bar and back, so I put in another leisurely 2 miles (hey, exercise is exercise).

So, since this was my first real social event with booze involved, I decided to stick to one ounce pours. Fun fact: there are about 80 calories in the average one ounce whiskey shot (86-90 proof). Knowing that little piece of trivia took the pressure off of ordering drinks together. I tried three different whiskeys (1 ounce pours) and had a Manhattan. It was a really fun time and I didn’t feel awful about it when I got home.

I ended up falling asleep early and feel pumped to take on the next day!!


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