Day 1

On Day 1, I am going to swear complete and total honesty within this blog.

That being said, I have had a killer day today. I got up and made it a point to actually consume breakfast. I am one of those awful people that nutritionists and dieticians frown at because I count coffee as breakfast. Since childhood, I have pretty much always awakened to the feeling of nausea first thing in the morning. Because of this, I never wanted to eat when I started my day. I just drank a lot of water or coffee and called it good. I learned very recently that I can no longer use it as an excuse. As irony would have it, that nauseous feeling is actually from blood sugar being too low.

Moral of the story: breakfast is important.

I ate a bit of bread, cheese, and a bunch of grapes this morning before scampering off to work. I also put away a decent sandwich at lunch. Both meals were accompanied by copious amounts of H2O.

I put in an hour at the gym on the arc trainer (some kind of crazy elliptical-meets-stair master-meets-ski machine). That was pretty rad. I was really sweaty and surprised at how tired I felt afterwards. I guess we’ll see if that changes as I go along.

Anyway, my man is making dinner. I’ll report back for Day 2!


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